Added Stub Pages for Ten Indiana Regiments

There were ten volunteer Indiana infantry regiments that participated in the first three months of the Civil War, and in my latest update I added stub pages for all. These mainly fought in the Union Army of the West, with two exceptions: the 11th and 12th regiments, which were unattached. The 11th operated under the auspices of the Department of Pennsylvania. All fought in northwestern Virginia.

Most of these regiments answered President Lincoln’s first call for volunteers and originally enlisted for 3 months. They participated in McClellan’s campaign in northwestern Virginia, then returned to Indiana to reorganize for 3 year enlistments. The numbering begins at six because there were five Indiana regiments that fought in the Mexican War and the state government didn’t want them to be confused with the new regiments.

I also learned in my research that Indiana didn’t have a state flag until 1917.

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