Engagement at Barboursville

The Engagement at Barboursville was fought on Saturday, July 13, 1861 between Union forces commanded by Lt. Col. George Neff and Confederate forces commanded by Capt. James Corns and Capt. James Ferguson in Cabell County, West Virginia.

In his memoir, Jacob Dolson Cox mentions the engagement in passing. He writes:

“From Guyandotte a portion of the regiment [2nd Kentucky], under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Neff, had gone to Barboursville and had attacked and dispersed an encampment of Confederates which was organizing there. It was a very creditable little action, in which officers and men conducted themselves well, and which made them for the time the envy of the rest of the command.”

Opposing Forces







Primary Sources


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Updated: 21 April 2023
Created: 24 March 2021

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