Detailed Casualties Added for Indiana Units

Accuracy and detail is what will set this encyclopedia apart from other early Civil War resources, and a big piece of that is detailed and accurate casualty lists. Books and articles often cite figures from other works that are not primary sources. Even official reports and contemporaneous newspaper articles tend to exaggerate or downplay casualties.

Every soldier killed, wounded, or captured in the Civil War has a name and was a real person who lived and died fighting for what he believed in. It should be possible to give an accurate accounting of those individual soldiers, especially for early war skirmishes that only produced a handful of casualties. More than that, it gives us a clear picture of what units (down to the company) were engaged in battle.

Official Confederate paperwork is hard to come by, but Union regiments often had logbooks and other standard forms that recorded soldier’s names and major events like when he was killed, discharged, or missing. The State of Indiana has its regimental rosters available online, though they are hard to find and not as thorough as Ohio’s (omitting wounded soldiers from one roll, for instance). It’s a start.

In early summer 1861, Indiana regiments mainly fought in western Virginia with George B. McClellan’s army.

After combing through these logs, I was able to add lists of individual Indiana soldiers killed, mortally wounded, and wounded in the following engagements:

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