Page Added for Action at Greenbrier River

While I was browsing the Ohio muster rolls for detailed casualty lists, I came across a previously un-reported engagement near the Greenbrier River between a Union scouting party from Burdsall’s Dragoons and Confederate guerillas in present-day Pocahontas County, West Virginia. The Union patrol was ambushed and suffered one killed, one mortally wounded, and two wounded.

Unlike the Skirmish at Bowman’s Place, which at least is listed with a name and date in official sources, I have never seen any mention of this ambush outside the muster roll where it notes the casualties. It simply says “killed July 17, 1861, near Green Briar, Va., while scouting” and “Wounded July 17, 1861, at Green Briar Valley, Va., while scouting.”

I had to search and then only found two small articles on the ambush, but they gave enough details to figure out what happened. Check it out!

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