June 26th Report of Commander James H. Ward, U. S. Navy, Commanding Potomac Flotilla

Lower Potomac, June 26, 1861.

SIR: On receipt of this order you will be pleased to send your second launch, by which I mean your second-sized boat; also your smallest boat, not estimating your gig, which need not be sent, with their crews armed with muskets having bayonets, or, if without bayonets, their cutlass with each musket, and a suitable amount of ammunition; also provisions for three or four days, in charge of Lieutenant Chaplin, down to Nanjemoy, alongside the schooner Dana there, and await my arrival in the Freeborn, when Lieutenant Chaplin will report to me with the boats so armed and provisioned.

You will further be pleased to send in the boats all the tar you have on board the Pawnee, a gallon of spirits of turpentine in a can, all the shovels and all the coal bags you have, except twelve retained to handle coal with; all the oakum you have, not exceeding one bale in quantity; a quantity of old canvas, all you can possibly spare, and your gunner’s dark lantern. Send also every ax and hatchet you have, except the cook’s. The launch and boat you will see are provided with their kedges and all other expeditionary outfits, as prescribed in the ordinance regulations, including howitzer for the large boat, if you have two and one is fitted to Sailboat.

You will, while your boat expedition ordered down to Nanjemoy is serving as I intended at Matthias Point, let the Reliance visit me at least once every day, and twice or often if convenient with other duties you may need her for.

I am, sir, respectfully,

Commander, U. S. Navy, Comdg, Flotilla of the Potomac River.

Commander S. C. ROWAN, U. S. Navy,
Commanding U. S. S. Pawnee, Potomac River.


Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. Series I, Vol. 4. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1896.