The Civil War in America, Engagement between the 71st New York and an Alabama Regiment at the Battle of Bull Run. Illustration for The Illustrated London News, 31 August 1861.

Updates: Unit and Casualty Tables

I started experimenting with adding unit and casualty tables to the battle pages. Here is an example from the Battle of Philippi page:

Opposing Forces

Virginia (Confederate) Col. George A. PorterfieldUnionBrig. Gen. Thomas A. Morris
9th VA Infantry BN1st VA Infantry (Union)
25th VA Infantry Regt2nd VA Infantry (Union)
31st VA Infantry Regt6th IN Infantry Regt
11th VA Cavalry7th IN Infantry Regt
14th VA Cavalry9th IN Infantry Regt
14th OH Infantry Regt


Virginia Forces800?260
Union Forces3,000050

It’s obviously incomplete right now. Eventually I’d like to add regiment commanders in the blanks and sources under the tables, and of course be more specific about the numbers when I start delving into primary sources.

Do you think this is an effective way to deliver the information? I also thought about including graphs near the top of the page to compare opposing forces strength and casualties. Your feedback is always appreciated!

Suggest an addition or revision

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