19th Ohio Infantry Regiment (3 Months)

This organization was composed of recruits from several counties who were enrolled under the President’s call for 75,000 troops for three months, as fol. lows: Company A, April 27, 1861, at Canton ; Co. B, April 27, 1861, at Youngstown ; Co. C, April 24, 1861, at Warren ; Co. D, April 25, 1861, at Morgan ; Co. E, April 24, 1861, at New Lisbon ; Co. F, April 24, 1861, at Chardon ; Co. G, April 22, 1861, at Akron ; Co. H, April 22, 1861, at Salem ; Co. 1, April 27, 1861, at Ashtabula, and Co. K, April 27, 1861, at Akron. The companies at once left their homes for Camp Taylor, Cleveland, Ohio, where they remained in camp until May 27, 1861. On that date they repaired by rail to Columbus, and occupied Camp Jackson. Here the Regimental organization was perfected by the election of Field officers. On May 29, 1861, the entire Regiment was mustered into the service of the State of Ohio, for a period of three months, to date from April 27, 1861, by Henry M. Neil, Aid. de-Camp to Governor of Ohio, Mustering Officer. In accordance with an Act of the General Assembly to provide more effectually for the defense of the State against invasion, passed April 26, 1861, the eighth section of this Act provided as follows: That the Governor is hereby authorized, in case any further requisition shall be made by the President of the United States upon this State for troops, to cause the Volunteer Militia authorized by the Act, or any portion of the same, to be mustered into the service of the United States, in pursuance of such Act. The mustering of the Regiment completed, Companies A and B were immediately equipped and sent to Bellaire, where they were on duty guarding a Ferry. On June 3 they left for Glover’s Gap and Mannington, where they performed similar duty until June 20, when they joined the Regiment at Bellaire. The next day the Regiment embarked on steamers for Parkersburgh, Va., arriving there on June 23. Here, it was made part of General Rosecrans’ Brigade. On June 25 it moved by rail to Clarksburgh, Va., and became a part of General McClellan’s “ Provisional Army of West Virginia ;” on June 29 it left Clarksburgh with the advance, and made its first real march, reaching Buckhannan on July 2, and Roaring Creek July 7, encamping in front of the fortified Rebel position at Rich Mountain. It distinguished itself before the enemy at Rich Mountain, July 11, 1861, in the cool and handsome manner in which it held its post against a flank attack. On July 23, its term of service having expired, it was ordered home to be mustered out of service, arriving at Columbus, July 27, 1861, with a loss of only one man (“died of disease”). he several companies were mustered out of service at Columbus, Ohio, as follows: Company A, Aug. 27, 1861; Co. B, Aug. 29, 1861; Co. C, Aug. 29, 1861; Co. D, Aug. 30, 1861; Co. E, Aug. 28, 1861; Co. F, Aug. 30, 1861; Co. G, Aug. 31, 1861; Co. H, Aug. 18, 1861; Co. I, Aug. 30, 1861; Co. K, Aug. 31, 1861, by E. Morgan Wood, Captain 15th Infantry, U. S. A., Mustering Officer.

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