A Standard for Battle Pages?

As I’ve been steadily updating the battle pages in this encyclopedia, a standard format has emerged that I hope to replicate across all the pages. My idea is to supplement a description of the battle with multimedia–photos, video, and audio recordings (reenactments) of testimony from eyewitness. I want to include graphs, timelines, and transcriptions of primary sources. Generally, each page will follow this format:

  • Title
  • Photos of the battlefield
  • Description / Charts (opposing strengths, casualties)
  • Video of the battlefield
  • Opposing forces order of battle
  • Detail casualty list
  • Timeline
  • Map
  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Sources

Needless to say, updating all 29 battle pages will take some time and will be piecemeal. My goal right now is to completely finish one page according to this template. Check back for further updates.

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