3rd Ohio Infantry Regiment

This Regiment was organized at Camp Jackson, near Columbus, Ohio, April 21, 1861, in response to the call of the President, dated April 15, 1861, for volunteers to serve three months. It was mustered into service, April 27, 1861. On the 28th day of April, a part of the Regiment was sent to Camp Dennison, Ohio, to prepare a suitable camping place for the Regiment, where it was joined by the remainder of the Regiment, April 30, 1861, and throughout the month of May, was subjected to thorough discipline and drill. Before orders for the field were received, and volunteers for three years being called for, the Regiment was re-enlisted with alacrity and on June 12, 1861, was re-organized and on June 20, 1861, was mustered into service for three years. Those of the three months’ organization who did not enlist for three years were mustered out August 22, 1861. The Regiment, by its thorough drill and discipline during its three months’ organization, was enabled at once to enter into active service under its three years’ organization. This Regiment was organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, June 20, 1861, to serve three years. It was mustered out June 21, 1864, by reason of expiration of term of service.

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