June 25th Report of Acting Master Budd, U. S. Navy, Commanding U.S. S. Resolute

U. S. S. RESOLUTE, June 25, 1861.

SIR: I made a descent on the Virginia shore yesterday and broke up a depot that was there for harboring and forwarding men and supplies to the enemy. Dr. Hooe, the proprietor and owner, has been very active in his efforts against the Government. He sent for the marauders and requested them to burn the Christiana Keen (that New Jersey schooner that was burned a short time since).

She got ashore before daylight within one-quarter of a mile of his place, and, as I said, he caused her destruction. He has had a number of mounted troopers quartered in and lying about his premises, who were there for the purpose of protecting boats which got across from Maryland with men, etc.

My boats and the boats of the flotilla have been fired upon from his place when not interfering with his property.

Major Watson, on the Maryland shore opposite, receives the contraband supplies and forwards them to Hooe. His boats and his negroes have been actively engaged in this business, and his house is the rendezvous.

Hooe’s place was a barracks; he had accommodations put up in his schoolhouse and outhouses for twenty-five men.

At the time of my attack there were few troopers at the house. I dispersed them with a few rounds from my bow gun, and before they could return in force I landed and fired the premises, which were completely destroyed. I got some information also.

I took a secession dragoon uniform (officer’s) that I found there, and destroyed everything else.

I enclose a description of an agent of the rebels, who is a spy and is now in Baltimore procuring arms to run across the river. He has made two trips already.

I send you this, as Captain Ward is not here.

Very respectfully,

Acting Master, Commanding Resolute.

Secretary of the Navy.]

[P. S.]—Excuse great haste. The agent is the owner of the uniform. He left it at Hooe’s previous to crossing the river.


Description.– John M. Goldsmith (officer), small and slight of figure; short, black hair; small black moustache; no whiskers; deep blue eyes; small head and face; complexion fair; quick in action and speech; strong voice.

Came across from Baltimore on the 21st; went to Fredericksburg. Returned from Fredericksburg and left Hooe’s for Baltimore on the evening of the 24th; is now supposed to be there purchasing revolvers.


Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. Series I, Vol. 4. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1896.